My portfolio is divided into three sections because I wear at least three hats. Keep reading to see what I am up to!

See my latest graphic design work below.

You can also follow me on Facebook for updates at Reason to Live Studios where I share recent work and art inspiration from across the Internet.

If you are interested in hiring me for graphic design work, I would love to hear from you. Go to the Work With Me page to share what you need help with.

Here are some of my recent editing clients…

Services include copy editing, proofreading, writing and post moderation.

I also write press releases. Please contact me at the Work With Me page if you need editing services.

Event listings editor from 2009-2016

Listings editor from 2010-2016

Proofreading and press releases (ongoing)

Layout, editing and front end development (April – August 2016)

Layout, editing and ad design (ongoing)

I am an online retailer and a direct sales representative for three companies.

I have experience in e-commerce and am looking to expand!

I founded The Spinster’s Shoppe, LLC in 2014. I sell thousands of products online such as electronics, jewelry, home decor, kitchen appliances, garden accessories, scarves, purses, toys, games, collectibles, candle lanterns and more.

Are you a wholesaler or advertiser? Please contact me at the Work with Me page so we can chat further.

I also represent the following companies:

Keep up with sales and product highlights at http://tashastyles.com.

Interested in joining my team for either of the companies I represent? Please contact me at the Work with Me page so I can assist you.

I look forward to working with you!

Let's chat! How can I help you?

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